Questions Answered

Why Do I Need a Virtual Tour in the First Place?

Google is the 900lb. gorilla when it comes to search. Everyone knows that… But what everyone doesn’t know is how often businesses are leaving money on the table by not leveraging the internet to it’s fullest potential. To be found you have to impress Google. To impress Google you need to have a complete business profile on the web. One that is easily searchable, one that shows trust and authority.

When you have a 360° tour on your Google Profile page, it tells Google that this is a company we can feel comfortable with pushing to the top of the results pages when a perspective customer does a search because the tour shows transparency, it shows reputability, and it tells Google that we can feel confident in showing this business in front of similar businesses simply because Google feels your business can be trusted to best perform and fulfill the needs of the person doing the search.

Why Google Street View|Trusted?

Google has created the 360° Business View feature using the same “street view technology” that users have become accustomed to using. These tours capture multiple 360-degree panoramic photo shots of your business to give customers a better sense of what to expect when coming to your physical location. This technology brings your business to life online, and will help to entice more potential customers. A “Google Trusted” photographer understands the guideline in which to produce tours to Google’s quality standards.


What is the relationship between a Trusted Agency, Trusted Photographer, and Google?

Epic360 Virtual Tours has become a Trusted Agency through Google, by meeting the appropriate standards and guidelines created by Google. Only agencies and photographers who maintain these standards are recognized by Google and are able to carry the Trusted Agency badges.


How is a 360° Virtual Tour going to help my business?

The Virtual Tour will help your business by enhancing the business’s web profile on Google’s database, leading more local searchers to you’re your tour and also add this tour to your Google’s Map page. With millions of searches done daily, weekly, monthly, just by having your tour on these sites, you have a better chance to be found than your competitors.


How much does a tour cost?

Depending on the size of your business, the amount of floors you have and the amount of time we need to allocate to your business’s Virtual Tour, prices may vary. See our pricing page, and if you still have questions, please call us for more information.


How long does a tour take to photograph?

This is not the easiest question to answer. Typically most places take about an hour to shoot the tour, but every case is different.


How long will it take from my photo shoot to the tour being live on Google’s network?

After we shoot, edit, stitch together the pictures into your tour, we will have your tour loaded on google’s system typically within 1 to 2 business days. The only reason it would not be up is if Google’s system has found vulgar material, or if there were errors in the shots. If this happens, a second photo shoot may have to be scheduled. Epic360 will not ask you to pay a dime if we need to reshoot any of the photographs.


Which areas of my businesses will be photographed?

You can tell us exactly what you want to show off and what you do not want he public to see. Typically if it is an area in your store or business that customers, or clients see when they are in your business, we suggest making that a part of your tour. Unorganized offices, storage areas and bathrooms can be left off of this tour, without a hesitation. Our Photographers can discuss these specifics before or during the shoot.


What measures are in place to ensure privacy and legal compliance?

Our photographers will always alert customers and employees before a photo is taken, to uphold their privacy. Google’s protocol states that all faces must be blurred for the tour; with that in mind — the panoramic imagery will be processed by state-of-the-art blurring technology to blur out faces of any employees or customers who appear in the imagery.


What time of day should we schedule our virtual tour photo shoot?

We can schedule a photo shoot any time of day that works best for you. The best times are either before your store opens or after the business day. This way it doesn’t disturb your normal work day, Photographers don’t have to worry about blurring people’s faces or being in the way.


Can I, as a business owner, upload more pictures to my Place Page?

There is a portion of the Virtual Tour known as Point-of-Interest (POI) shots. These are all things unique, interesting and important about your business, done with still shots. As your Agency, we are only allowed to upload 15 POI shots for your business. You, as the owner of your business and the business’s Google Place Page, can upload as many pictures as you want. Just make sure they are interesting and worthwhile to the searcher and your business.


Could my Google Street View|Trusted virtual tour and POIs be removed for other reasons?

Google has a specific set of policies that they have created to uphold standards on their network. This gives Google the rights to take down pictures that deem unfit for the public and enhancing your business. Although all business images undergo quality control and then review before being uploaded to the network, some of the photos may still be reported as inappropriate, by users, and later removed.


Can Google use the photos of my business in other applications besides Google Maps, Google Place Pages and Google+ pages?

Google may use these images in other products and services in new ways that will make your business information more useful and accessible to users. In return, Google will only try to help your business with the placement or use of the photo.


How can my webmaster embed a Google Maps Tour onto my company’s website?

Have them take a peek at the video below:


See Inside Business tour