Sales Begin With familiarity
...Familiarity begins with transparency

From Our Digital Marketing Roots, We Now Create an Immersive Experience for Your Customers Online.

Based in Hollywood, Florida

Since 2014, we have been placing our clients squarely in front of their customers online. With Virtual Tours, we found a new way to do it.

Epic360 Virtual Tours started out as a brainchild from our Digital Marketing company, Gentech Digital, as a service to better serve our clients with a simple ‘value added’ feature. However, the overwhelmingly positive response to this service is what lead ‘Epic 360 Virtual Tours’ to become it’s own entity. People want to feel in a very tactile and intuitive way, what it’s like to be at the place they are investigating online, and virtual tours allow just that.

In keeping with the “Epic” brand, we changed the name of Gentech Digital to ‘Epic Web Marketing’ in 2018. You can find out more about that company here.

The great thing about having a sister company that knows a thing or two about Digital Marketing, is that not only can we improve a clients’ visibility fast with a 360° tour, but we can also look at their ‘Google My Business’ page to make sure it’s set up correctly and tighten up any loose ends regarding their SEO, online advertising efforts, etc… All of these things work together to help Google better understand your business and therefore allow you to rank better in searches and ultimately find more customers!! 

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